One of the things that has hit me square between the eyes about joining the team of Me Ra Koh Confidence workshop teachers is the community and sisterhood we have as moms and photographers. Walking into Me Ra’s house the first night of our training weekend, I felt like the new kid on the first day at school. I couldn’t have been more nervous about meeting the other women — so much so, that I found myself literally sweating bullets. (That, or it was the GIANT half-mile hill I had climbed from my hotel to their house in 99% humidity. You pick.) That pesky voice in my back of my head started to ask questions as I lumbered toward the front door. Were the other teachers I was about to meet going to accept me? Was I just going to be “the one from Kansas”?  Now, I find myself shaking my head at the sheer thought we wouldn’t know what to talk about. I mean, we are moms AND photographers. Pretty much, either one of those two topics can start nearly any conversation! Can anyone else relate? 🙂

I walked through the door to an amazing welcome from everyone, and quickly I realized how much we all had in common. We laughed over Brian’s delicious margaritas and tacos, sharing our stories and opening our hearts to the incredible transition we were about to face over the next few days. These women are jaw-droppingly vibrant, delightful individuals — each one of us bringing unique gifts and talents to the group, and that’s just when it comes to business! They are incredible moms and wives, as much as they are inspiring photographers. I loved hearing and sharing stories about our families, our spouses, our homes. By the time we left our training weekend, we had an incredible, beautiful bond as a group.

And that’s before we were introduced to the first year teachers! They have welcomed us with such open arms and I find it so humbling to be embraced by their spirit and encouragement as we join this team, now 19 teachers strong. I am so proud to be part of an incredible sisterhood of women, with our goal of empowering moms to find their creative voices and confidence as their family’s historian.

Over the next many months you’ll have the opportunity to meet several of them on the blog as we link up for a blog circle. Join us the third Wednesday of every month as we post on a specific topic and link up to one another, ending up where you started (here). Fun, right!? 🙂

This month we’re talking about transition, which is so firmly pressed into my heart at the moment.

I believe transition is at once a gentle shift and an earthquake of reckless abandon. It subtly moves us forward as an agent of change, nudging us in our daily lives to put one foot in front of the other, on our best or worst of days — and it also shakes us from our roots and reminds us that nothing is ever permanent.

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I see transition in my home every day through my son’s eyes. I see his change from baby to toddler to preschooler to now second-grader. I feel a seismic shift from the way his interests have changed from Little People to NFL (maybe a little wistfully, I admit). He’s taken quite a liking to playing catch in the yard, employing us to be his center or long-snapper. He and daddy especially have fun…


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I feel the transition within the season. Warm, humid mornings bathed in early sunrise light have given way to cool darkness in the wee hours of the morning, as I prepare for a race in the coming weeks. It’s a hard reality when it’s time to break out the reflective gear and long pants for morning runs, but I’m grateful to see the weather turn and the whisper of cooler air on my skin.



I love seeing the transition on a game day in our charming college town, where our the streets and our favorite donut shop fill with the energy of out of town fans and families as they stop in for a morning treat before heading to the stadium. It’s an intensity that even as a non-alum, I can appreciate; and by late Sunday, the traffic and energy has simmered back to its usual pace, until the next game the following Saturday.

I’d love to see how you’re capturing transitions in your life — post them on my Facebook page and tell us more about what it means for you.

Another one of our amazing teachers, Tina Erdmann, lives in Wisconsin. Check out her beautiful post about transition and enjoy getting to know this amazing group of women!